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Date Joined: 06/16/2009

Name: Havah Jeth Gender: Male Age: 33 Species: Arkanian Homeworld: Arkania Affiliation: The Mercs

Personality ---Traits: Havah prefers the direct, sneaky approach to missions, and is reluctant to sit back when he thinks danger is an acceptable risk to complete a mission or save a comrade. He keeps his head, if not his cool, at all times, and is generally perceived as protective. ---Likes: When everything ends well, women, the occasional glass of Abrax cognac or shot of accarrgm wine, fine tuning his ship, and combat sparring ---Dislikes: Boring missions & scenarios, weak drinks, when mechanics screw up his ship, failing an obligation, and going in blind on any mission ---Habits: Will play a flute when bored and fiddling with his armor/weapons

Appearance ---Skin Color: Caucasian (Albino Pale) ---Hair Color: White ---Eye Color: White ---Clothing: Tan Chitin Armor with no insignias, with concealed vibro-dagger gauntlets and utility belt. ---Other Attributes: Somewhat broad, with decently rugged looks ---Other Details: Straight hair down to his shoulders, usually keeps helmet hooked at his side when not in combat situations, and has five fingers on right hand.

Weapons: Westar-34 Blaster Pistol (Jango Fett’s blaster type) and spare cartridges, Stokhli Spray Stick, 1x Cryoban Grenade, and the concealed gauntlet vibro-daggers.

Starship/Starfighter ---Name: Spook (Merc 5) ---Class: Customized CloakShape Fighter ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.7 ---Weapon(s): 2x Medium Forward-mounted laser cannons, 1x Concussion/1xProton Torpedo launcher (4 concussion missiles and 4 torpedoes) ---Shields: Light ---Sublight Speed: 1000 km/h to 3500 km/h (Shields on) ---Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Otoga-222-series repair droid wirelessly connected to ships computer ---Passenger(s): None ---Max Cargo (kg): 30 kg ---Interior Description: The Spook has been modified to work as a single man and droid fighter from its previous one man status, and as such the positions which would have distracted him such as power flow control and in flight minor repairs are taken care of by his Otoga-222 droid “Pick”. The power generator has been upgraded to allow for its light deflector shields, engines, and weapons to be used at the same time without serious detriment to either systems. The more common upgrades of a maneuvering fin, hyperdrive sled, and advanced targeting computer with sensor suite. ---Other Details: He rarely allows other droids or people to work on his ship without them being supervised by either himself or Pick at all times. The paint job on the Spook has been intentionally left a mottled tan with cream and rust colored blotches with the exception of white paint at around the missile tubes, giving it an old worn-out look.

The Force ---Sensitivity: None

Biography ---Personal History: Havah grew up as one of seven children, son of Kir, a scientist who works on the main board of the Arkanian Dominion. As this took most of their father’s time they were left to their mother, when she was available, and more often than not to servants to be raised. Some of the servants were of course qualified bodyguards and pilots incase they had to be moved suddenly, and from these he learned many techniques on how to fight and pilot at a young age as they would often use these lessons and training sessions as a way to keep the children busy and out of trouble. As a result, Havah became an adept pilot and fighter at a young age, and as he grew older his skills, with the continued and varied tutelage of the guards and servants, improved. Although he was more of one to break then fix items he had had to learn a good bit about repairing items as even though his parents didn’t mind replacing things, although his caretakers whose wages were docked until the items were fixed or replaced certainly did.

When he came of age of decision it was plane to everyone that the first male born to Kir was not to be a scientist, but instead a fighting instrument, and so he was enlisted into the Arkanian Black Guard. It was there that he increased his talents to a polished sheen, but the pay and job was terrible if one was not idealistically driven by the missions and goals of the group. So when the option became available at twenty five to leave honorably he did, and took what inheritance and wages he had saved to upgrade his ship and droid, and headed out to find new employ.

Not too long later he met the leader of The Mercs, Captain Rick Taller. Although it took a bit of persuasion and a demonstration of his abilities, and reassurances that he wasn’t an undercover agent. The Captain eventually agreed to let him join The Mercs, and he has served loyally ever since. While the constantly shifting ranks and the never-ending proximity to death is familiar and of a hue that one cannot endure forever, he doubts he could ever give up the lifestyle until it either forces him free of it, or it takes it completely. But at least in this field the pay is better and one isn’t bound by anything more then honor and kinship.

---Military History: Upon turning fifteen he joined the military with his father’s connections he was able to go through intensive training for next three years as a pilot and Elite Squad combat training. Ten years with the Arkanian Black Guard Elite Squads and eight years of service with The Mercs, in both fighter squadrons and covert ops stations.

---Traumatic Experiences: Havah’s second to last mission was to eliminate a traitorous cell to the Arkanian Dominion, only slightly out of the ordinary from their regular pirate and outlaw mission profiles. The mission went without a hitch as he flew air support until the fleet was able to block off the main escape route. Once that was established he landed and joined his team in breaching the final layers of defenses to the bunker, but what surprised him most was when they finally reached their targets, him using his Stokhli Spray stick to trip up the fleeing individuals before a shot was put in the back of the skull. When one body was rolled over for identification to his surprise, and to his horror, he recognized the man that he had brought down as his little brother. Although he has lost many good friends and comrades over the years, and while he never shows it, each of them weighs heavily on him, each having left their own scar in his mind and heart. He feels particularly guilty about his brother’s death, a death brought by his own hands, which still haunts him to this day.


Date Joined: 06/17/2009

Name: Winterkill (Qu'elwynt'r) Gender: male Age: 22 Species: Nagai Homeworld: Nagi Affiliation: The Mercs

Personality ---Traits: observant, calculating. Focused. All persons and occasions are viewed under threat analysis. ---Likes: Above all things, his freedom. His Tehk'la blades and electromesh armor are a close second. He'd also like an honorable friend (if he ever found one ) and even an honorable enemy ( to test himself against, from time to time). ---Dislikes: Tofs, slavery, oppression and anything like them. Hates dishonor. ---Habits: Winterkill is constantly training and honing his skills to keep himself in prime fighting status. He has seen the fatal consequences of being subpar.

Appearance ---Skin Color: Pale white ---Hair Color: Raven black ---Eye Color: Black ---Clothing: Black form-fitting fighter's suit. Black boots and gloves. ---Other Attributes: Winterkill is proficient at the 'soothing voice' ability his race possesses, which acts much like a Jedi mindtrick. ---Other Details: All Nagai have lightning reflexes. Winterkill combines them with acrobatics during combat for added lethal effect. Weapons: Although he knows how to use a blaster and does in fact use one, Winterkill much prefers the use of vibroblades and vibroswords, but he especially prefers his two Tehk'la Blades. Winterkill also gears himself with his black electromesh armor, which is quite resistant to energy weapons.

Starship ---Name: Wraith ---Class: modified StarViper-class attack platform ---Hyperdrive Class: Class 2 ---Weapon(s): Twin double Heavy laser cannons (x2), Forward Proton Torpedo launchers (x2), 3 warheads each. ---Shields: 50 SBD ---Sublight Speed: 110 MGLT ---Crew: 1 (pilot) ---Passenger(s): slaved/ integrated astromech (droid) comp. (aka Nyx) ---Max Cargo (kg): 50 kg ---Interior Description: Usually dark and unlit. Uncluttered and ready for action. ---Other Details: Aft and front shielding capabilities. The Wraith is painted completely black. This ship was bequeathed to him by a slain mandalorian who fought alongside the Nagai to reclaim their homeworld from the Tofs.

The Force: Only something he's heard spoken about in random conversations by members of the alliance.


---Personal History: Winterkill was one of the few Nagai who stayed behind on Nagi when the Tofs invaded their home planet, mostly because he was very young, and that youth was vested in the continual struggle for survival, as the Tofs were systematically eradicating all Nagi from their own planet. Thus Winterkill learned the art of stealth, killing and misdirection at a very early age. There was no remorse in slaying an enemy who sought your extinction.

Death was constantly at the heels of the Nagai survivors. There was no point in making friends or close ties. Survival was all that mattered. In small groups or alone. The slaughter seemed to go on forever as years went by, but one day....after an eternity, Nagai warriors and mandalorians returned to Nagi to liberate the planet from the tyrany of the Tofs. Winterkill, who only lived between the ticking of seconds, almost did not trust himself to hope.

Freedom. At last.

---Military History: Winterkill fought alongside the mandalorians who came with the nagai warriors to free their home planet. He quickly fell-in with a unit of mandalorian special forces as their guide. Impressed by his skills in the field of combat, one of the mandalorians took it upon himself to further mentor winterkill in the arts of war. This was the same mandalorian who had bequeathed his weapons and star-ship to him when they had fallen victim to an enemy ambush.

---Traumatic Experiences: Life on occupied Nagi was traumatic. Everyday was the last day of your life. Someone you knew always died, someone was always killed. Survival in that hellish environment was all that mattered. Nothing else. This is probably why Winterkill is such a risk taker. He fears nothing, not even death.


Date Joined: 06/17/2009 Updated: 10/30/2011, 11/05/2011

Name: Jason Lasso Gender: Male Age: 24 Species: Human Homeworld: Corellia Affiliation: The Mercs

Personality ---Traits: Punctual, inquisitive, observant ---Likes: Staying in shape, learning and exploring new things, exploring wreckage of starships and sea vessels, studying history, hanging out with friends, playing holo games, watching holo movies, reading books (both paper and holo disk), eating carrots (and chewing gum and beef jerky), and helping people ---Dislikes: People with evil intent, arrogant people, liars, politics (Lasso really hates politics), and the Galactic Empire ---Habits: Scratching his head, cracking his knuckles and fingers, rubbing his face when tired, scratching his feet with each other

Appearance ---Skin Color: Light ---Hair Color: Brown ---Eye Color: Blue-gray ---Clothing: During starfighter missions, Lasso can be seen wearing his new flight suit; it is the standard Rebel flight suit with the bottom half of the suit being black and the top half being yellow. The shoulders were black in color, while the arms were yellow. The flak vest, where the life support box was on top of, was black in color. The helmet was in two colors: black on the right side of the helmet and yellow on the left side of the helmet. The visor was black in color. On either side of the front of the helmet just above the visor were the words QUAGMIRE, in italic yellow words on the right side of the helmet and italic black words on the left side of the helmet.

Where the Rebel symbols were on the helmet on either side of the front of the helmet was now Lasso's old helmet symbol. On either side of the helmet where the symbols were was a cartoon-looking bird hitting a cliff wall, the picture being in various colors; the bird is white, with it’s startled face looking out towards the viewer of the picture with large white eyes and black pupils. It’s yellow beak open in shock as it’s body hits the brown cliff. With feathers flying in all directions, the birds’ feet are yellow. The background of the picture is a white circle background in which the picture in contained. The cliff is brown.

During ground operations, Lasso finds himself wearing desert-colored cargo pants, which were tucked into black military boots. Next came a black utility belt around the waist with a blaster belt added onto that which hung low and held a holster around the right outer thigh for Lasso's DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. His left outer thigh held a black scabbard that was attached to the blaster belt and which held a survival knife.

A black short-sleeve shirt covered his torso and was tucked into his waist; a silver watch was on his left wrist. Black fingerless tactical gloves were tucked into the left front of his belt with a white hand-held comlink was on the right front of his belt. A mini black ear comlink was in his right ear. Spare blaster packs for his blaster pistol were attached to his blaster belt.

When in civilian clothing or not on missions, Lasso is usually seen wearing (during summer time on planets) the modern tunic and shorts or pants with chrono watch, black sunglasses or baseball cap, with his blaster pistol and blaster belt. During winter time, he can be seen wearing a tunic with jeans or pants and a chrono watch, cloak, or coat, black sunglasses or baseball cap, and blaster pistol and blaster belt; he normally wears shoes during winter time and boots, when there is enough snow for boots. ---Other Attributes: Lasso stands 5'10 and weights in at 190 pounds. He has an athletic build and stays in shape. ---Other Details: His hair is cut to a fade style haircut. Weapons: One DL-44 Blaster Pistol (in off-duty clothes and pilot jumpsuit),two WESTAR-34 blaster pistols (ground outfit), and E-11 blaster rifle (ground outfit).

Starship (Starfighter only---can’t be an X-Wing yet) ---Name: Sweetheart (Merc 3, call-sign Quagmire) ---Class: Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter ---Hyperdrive Class: Class One ---Weapon(s): twin laser cannons, ten proton torpedoes ---Shields: Stock model ---Sublight Speed: 3,750 G ---Crew: One pilot, one astromech ---Passenger(s): None ---Max Cargo (kg): 65 kg ---Interior Description: Stock model appearance ---Other Details: Same appearance as a Naboo Royal n-1 Starfighter with chromium finish on front of starfighter. The only difference is the same colored picture from Jason Lasso's helmet is on both sides of the starfighter, just forward of the astromech socket and at the rear of the cockpit, taking up that whole area on the starfighter.

The Force ---Sensitivity: N/A ---Religion: N/A ---Lightsaber

Crystal(s): N/A

Blade(s): N/A

Color(s): N/A

Handle Description(s): N/A ---Force Abilities: N/A ---Force Weakness: N/A ---Other Force Object(s): N/A

Biography ---Personal History: Jason Lasso was born on Corellia to middle class parents. After graduation from high school, Lasso tried to enter the Imperial Academy to become a TIE Fighter Pilot, which was his dream. When his dreams were cut short even before he had the option to apply for the Imperial Academy, the eighteen year-old went into the Fire Academy to pursue a career in the Fire Service. After six years in the fire service, he went in a new direction: mercenary.

Although it may seem a radical change, from fire fighter to mercenary, Lasso’s journey wasn’t without preparation. With the beating heart of a starfighter pilot still deep within, the young man always wanted to chase after the stars; he just wasn’t fully happy towards the later years in the fire service, there was something missing, something deep down inside of him, that he wasn’t doing. After a journey of almost two years in which the young Lasso traveled the galaxy and worked in his career field, he picked up experience in martial arts, which he put a great deal of effort into; he also started studies into a high school-born obsession of studying galactic history, which he had many sleepless nights over study books of galactic history. After almost two years had come about, Lasso realized that at some point his fire career was more routine, more like a job and forced labor, than it was fun anymore. Once the fun had left him for his career, he decided to go in a new direction.

After his family’s murder at the hands of Imperial Stormtroopers, Jason Lasso fled from Corellia in part of rumors that the Empire was now looking for him and in part because of fear, went to the private military sector, to mercenary work. Although most private armies were looking for prior soldiering or piloting experience, the young Lasso was able to impress a certain man by the name of Rick Taller. It turned out this Rick Taller fellow was the leading officer, the Captain, of a small mercenary squadron of pilots known as The Mercs. The older and experienced Taller was willing to give Lasso a shot at his dream of becoming a starfighter pilot in exchange for one promise: that Lasso would survive past his first mission. Lasso would come to respect that line from the old man, learning from his own experience as a mercenary pilot---however limited it is---that surviving every mission was the challenge, not just getting past the first mission.

Although having only months on the job, Jason Lasso has gained the respect of his fellow Mercs, who now rely on his trustworthy manner to come through at the right time on the battlefield when the going gets tough. Jason has now put full effort on his off time into following his high school dream of researching galactic history and also doing digs for historical items and lost objects, as well as sea diving on old sea ships and space walking on starship wrecks in space.

---Military History: None, other then mercenary work

---Traumatic Experiences: Just weeks before he left the fire service, Jason Lasso received word that his family was killed by Imperial Stormtroopers when information was linked to his family aiding the Rebel Alliance.

EDIT: Character Sheet edited at Sith-I-5's request (03-21-2011). Sith-I-5

Date Joined: 11/11/2010

Sith-I-5 posted:---- Date Posted: 11/14 3:47pm Subject: STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players! - Date Edited: 11/14 3:56pm (1 edits total) Edited By: Sith-I-5 GM approved

OOC: Aww, look at the poor little sap; no idea of what is being organised for him behind the scenes.

IC: Yavscout

  • WAVES*

Tag: no-one

OOC: The GM and I have negotiated a change that will be less taxing on the Naboo Military Budget

This Red Rock thingammy will have a detrimental effect on Yav's powers,

- erasing his memory of how to use them;

- after practice, trial and error, and perhaps a written test, he will get Light Healing and Camo back;

- he will retain the ability to recover from fatalities, but will reappear at wherever he first encountered the Red Rock, and with possible damage from the fatality.

- Should the fatality be so traumatic that he comes back as a Star Trek transporter accident, an npc will just pour him into a bucket, and yes, he will be dead. A number of deaths will have the same effect.


Yavscout --Age: Not applicable. Where he comes from characters grow by levels, not years. Level 27. This will never change in GAW, so stuck at 27. ---Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Eye Color: Good question. Haven’t looked. And some might say, since I can’t get back into Everquest, I have left it a bit late.

Hair Color and Style: Dark blue, almost black.

Skin Complexion: Olive-tan.

Clothing: Natural colours and fabrics. Tight long-sleeved top with v-neck that can be drawn closed with laces. Tan trousers tucked into dark green calf boots, with turned down tops. Possesses a completely black outfit made of gnome-skin, which on Norrath, offers high quality poison and cold protection, and enhances magical ability.

Physique: Slight. Hardly any muscle tone whatsoever.

Personality: Furtive. Extremely loyal to the Queen of Naboo, and grateful to the culture for accepting him as their own. Highly independent nature.


Force Sensitive: No. As a druid, possesses special abilities, and was able to learn them from a lower level. Includes, “Camo” temporary invisibility, faster running speed, fire and ice (natural) offensive spells, protective armour spells to make his or others’ flesh harder to penetrate. Can assign himself a Bind Point somewhere, and Gate (teleport) himself back to it. Possesses natural telepathy. Can temporarily “charm” non-sentient animals to side with him, and fight on his behalf. His skill in this is shaky, and if it fails, often-times, the animal will attack him too. Light Healing.

Biography -Brief History: On his homeworld of Norrath, worked as Paramedic Scout for the Surefall Paramedics rescue team with three others. As a full blooded elf druid, possessed skills and abilities rivalled only by the wizards, and if he had managed to achieve his full potential at Level 30 or 40, he would have been able to rescue casualties from the most dangerous of places and situations.

He was only Level 27 when he arrived in the GFFA, so while he was the most powerful of the three rescuers, he has not been able to advance. Knows he is from Norrath, that his two colleagues came through with him, and that they have disappeared.

Was, and is, an operative for the Galactic Republic security agency, SGIS, or the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service. Following Order 66, and the creation of the Empire, SGIS was mostly absorbed into what would become Imperial Intelligence, but the few agents who managed to stay ahead of the Imperialisation process found their influence vastly diminished. SGIS changed its focus from intelligence, and dealing with criminal threats, to protecting the remaining jedi.

Personal Ship: Tunare -Type: Naboo N-1 starfighter --Specifications: unknown ---Hyperspace capable: Yes

--Military History: GM information only – No formal military action. Thirty years prior to The Phantom Menace, served as a medic in the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service. He arrived on Naboo during a disastrous mission to protect the Queen at the time. ---Traumatic Experiences: Arriving in the aftermath of an atomic blast on Naboo, when galactic terrorists booby-trapped and detonated the power-plant of their ship to escape capture.



Date Joined: 03/27/2011

Name: Zixellia “Zixie” Tyvynn Gender: Female Age: 32 Species: Devaronian Homeworld: Devaron Affiliation: The Mercs Personality ---Traits: Curious, observant, adventurous, and stubborn. ---Likes: Flying, fighting, dejarik, getting paid, and animals. ---Dislikes: Accidents that can be prevented, being out argued, being told she’d make a better politician than a fighter or a pilot, other people touching her ship, and rodents. ---Habits: Triple checks coordinates before any hyperspace travel. She tends to convince people that her viewpoint is the correct one and that they thought of it first, due to her diplomatic upbringing. Determining the identity of any male Devaronian she comes across. Drumming her nails on the nearest surface when bored or anxious. Appearance ---Skin Color: Pink ---Hair/Fur Color: Torti Brown ---Eye Color: Brown -—Height: 1.8 m (5Ft9in.) —-Clothing: Flight helmet and black/brown camouflage print padded flight suit that zips over her regular attire. Her regular attire consists of cargo pants, fur tight long-sleeved/short-sleeved/tank shirt (dependent on weather), hip hugging holster slung diagonally beneath her utility belt, combat boots with concealed holsters - one containing a knife and the other a hold-out blaster pistol, and a blast vest she dons on dangerous missions. ---Other Attributes: Her left foot is white fur from the ankle down while the rest of her is torti brown (similar in coloring to a tortishell cat). ---Other Details: She has a keen sense of hearing. She never goes anywhere without her long-range comlink enhanced with a pocket scrambler. Weapons: Hold-out blaster pistol, throwing knives, and blaster pistol. Starship ---Name: Gackle —Model: Modified CloakShape fighter —Manufacturer: Curich Engineering ---Class: Starfighter ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.5 ---Weapon(s): Light laser cannons - 2, Concussion missile launchers -2 (with 8 missiles each) ---Shields: deflector ---Sublight Speed: 1,400 - 2,000 km/h (shields on) 2,900 km/h (shields off) ---Crew: 1 pilot ---Passenger(s): 1-2 ---Max Cargo (kg): 40kg ---Interior Description: Stowed next to one of the passenger seats is the portable computer she uses to gather information on targets or diagnose her ship problems. In the other chair, she has strapped in a took kit - that includes all the basic tools needed for repairing her ship, plus a few more specialty tools she has found useful over the years. Also stowed in the passenger area: field kit, medical kit, two pairs of binder cuffs, a security kit, and a few other personal/professional items Zixie has acquired over the years. —Modifications: Self-powered hyperdrive sled, Curich Engineering rear wing and stabilizer conversion kit, upgraded power generator, deflector shields, upgraded engines, power recharger hooked into the ship’s power supply. ---Other Details: The ship had a horrendous, bright pink paint job when she bought it. The pink has since been toned down with a pink & purple camouflage pattern. It bears the silhouette of two gackle bats (native to Devron) painted on its hull. The Force ---Sensitivity: None Biography ---Personal History: I spent the first 16 years of my life raised by my mother. My father left the day I was born. I was attended the finest Academy Devron had to offer and excelled in my studies, not because I enjoyed it, but because it made my mother happy and I knew that I would not be able to make her happy forever. Throughout my childhood, I received many letters from my father, in addition to the wealth he sent home from his adventures. He told of places I could hardly imagine, and excitement that I could only dream of. His stories had me hooked. My best friend had great political aspirations and I still recall the shock on her face, when at the age of 7, I told her I wanted to go explore the galaxy. She was horrified and threatened to tell my mother if I ever had such a silly notion again. So, I kept my plans to myself. I saved up all the money my father sent. I did my studies and behaved as a proper female Devaronian should. I graduated top of my class and was contacted by several corporations who wished to back me in my political endeavors. I scheduled meetings with each company that contacted me. I rehearsed with my mother, the speeches I would make. Then a week after graduation, with my first meeting scheduled for the next morning. I placed a note on the kitchen table and walked out the door. It was the hardest moment of my young life, but I knew what had to be done. I stowed away on a transport ship scheduled for a red-eye departure and left the life my mother wanted for me behind. I still write her, but I can’t open the letters she sends in return. For I know that if I read them - she will have found a way to convince me to abandon my dream and return to the boring life of politics she wants for me. No, I do not think I shall ever read them, but I keep them with me all the same. I spent the next several weeks putting distance between myself and Devron until finally finding a pilot (Th’rton) who was willing to teach me how to fly. Th’rton taught me well and to celebrate my first solo flight, he helped me pick out a ship. I settled on Gackle, as the salesman had a flawless pitch and discounted the price due to the horrendously bright pink paint job. I worked for Th’rton for four years as he showed me the ropes of the smuggling trade. He, however, was content to remain within a small sector of space, while I wanted to see the galaxy. After we parted ways, I spent a few years on my own before falling in with a group of mercenaries who taught me how to fight. We spent seven years together… I was unable to participate in the groups final mission due to an injury. None of them ever came back. Once my injury had healed, I investigated their final jump. Someone had transposed the coordinates and the entire group exited hyperspace into a direct collision course with a star. Zixie has spent the last two years finding jobs here and there as a smuggler or a fighter for hire. She is looking for a group to become a part of the last two years have been lonely for her. She is hoping to find a group her father had mentioned in one of his most recent letters. ---Military History: None ---Traumatic Experiences: Never really meeting her father (as he has promised to continue to write as long as she promises never to request they meet). Abandoning my home. Complete destruction of the group I had come to know as family.



Date Joined: 04/08/2011

Name: Fress Colias Alias Kasha Sherland Gender: Female Age: 32 Species: human Homeworld: Alderaan Affiliation: The Merc Personality ---Traits: gentle can be tough when the situation calls for it ---Likes: flying, boxing, cooking, reading, listening to others ---Dislikes: corny music ---Habits: keeping to herself, willing to listen to others, knows how to keep a secret Appearance ---Skin Color: white ---Hair Color: blond dyed red ---Eye Color: sapphire blue, wearing green contacts ---Clothing: pants, shirt, boots, ---Other Attributes: height five foot seven, athletic build. ---Other Details: has an emergency kit in her backpack Water and extra food for missions Weapons: 45 dlt-blaster, vibro blade Starship (Starfighter only---can’t be an X-Wing yet) ---Name: Rogue ---Class: Z-95 Head hunter (modified) ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.0 ---Weapon(s): 2 laser cannons, two concussion missile launchers ---Shields: Forward/Rear Projecting XoLyyn Shields. ---Sublight Speed: 80 MLGT ---Crew: 1 pilot ---Passenger(s): n/a ---Max Cargo (kg): 95 kg ---Interior Description: basic controls, homing beacon tracker, transponder coder/decoder ---Other Details: hidden compartment for extra weapons The Force ---Sensitivity:no Biography ---Personal History: Fress Colias was born on Alderaan. An unknown Force user killed her parents and Master Windu saved her. With nowhere to go, the Jedi took her in and raised her. There she discovered her talent for love of flying and eventually served beside Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on the front lines. ---Military History: Served in the clone wars as a commander to a Flight of star fighters. Ground and undercover missions. Hand to hand combat. ---Traumatic Experiences: Fress Colias watched as the clone troopers cut down the Jedi in front of her. She was a friend with a few of them and it broke her heart to see this happen. Palpatine had declared her an immediate threat to the Imperials because she refused to join them. She went underground assuming an alias by the name of Kasha Sherland. Until the day they were free from the Imperials, she could no longer assume her real name.


Date Joined: 08/30/2011

Name: Kasumi Gender: Female Age: 31 Species: Human Homeworld: Affiliation: Personality ---Traits: humble, tolerant, hard-working ---Likes: quiet places, reading, and meditating ---Dislikes: deceipt, cruelty ---Habits: meditates in the morning and evening. Appearance ---Skin Color: light ---Hair Color: brown ---Eye Color: hazel ---Clothing: camoflauge pants, black combat boots, white or brown shirt and brown leather vest. There is a brown belt that wraps around her waste that carries several pouches and a “tool” bag where here light saber is carried. When she is not in the above, and out of sight of the Empire, she wears her brown Jedi Robes. ---Other Attributes: ---Other Details: Wears a small leather bag around her neck that was given to her by Logray. She wears it as a way to honor the village that helped keep her hidden. Weapons: Starship (Starfighter only---can’t be an X-Wing yet) ---Name: ---Class: ---Hyperdrive Class: ---Weapon(s): ---Shields: ---Sublight Speed: ---Crew: ---Passenger(s): ---Max Cargo (kg): ---Interior Description: ---Other Details: The Force ---Sensitivity: high ---Religion: N/A ---Lightsaber


Blade(s): single blade

Color(s): green

Handle Description(s): Metal base that was covered by leather with wooden beaded tassels and fangs hanging from it. ---Force Abilities: control and sense ---Force Weakness: unknown ---Other Force Object(s): unknown Biography ---Personal History: Kasumi was taken from home at a young age due to her Force connection. She was taken to Coruscant and began her training. When it was time for her to become a padawan, she was chosen by Aayla Secura. During her teachings and their time together, she accompanied her master on several missions. Kasumi was not allowed to accompany her master on the mission to Felucia due to an injury that she obtained during the Trial of the Flesh in her Jedi Trials. While laying in the medical wing, it was there that Kasumi felt the sudden loss of her Master and thanks to the sacrifice of one of the nurses, Kasumi was able to make it to a ship that took her to Yoda and the other Masters. Yoda took Kasumi under his tutelage since she was so close to finishing her trials. Once she was knighted, Kasumi left Dagobah and went to Endor as their watchman. It was there that she stayed until the Force called her to leave, and now her path is unclear aside from it being lead by the Force’s pull. ---Military History: none, outside of missions with her Master during the Clone Wars.

---Traumatic Experiences: The loss of a fellow Padawan who was like a sister to her just before Order 66. The sudden loss of her Master, Aayla Secura due to Order 66.


Date Joined: 11/13/2011

Sage Oss Gender: Male Age: 28 Species: Wolatarian Homeworld: Or’rac Affiliation: The Mercs

Personality ---Traits: Gritty, blunt to the point of being rude; unapologetic; curses frequently ---Likes: Alcohol, Caf and Stims; Weapon Systems and Engineering ---Dislikes: Most authority and beings that come-off as superior ---Habits: Moderate to heavy drinker, less than responsible with personal conduct; given to moments of anger, but controlled enough to stop before meting out violence.

Appearance ---Skin Color: Black ---Hair Color: Brown/Black Matted Fur, short mohawk with blue tips on head ---Eye Color: Dark Emerald ---Clothing: Yellow environmental suit for flight; Black/brown leather garments with metal studs and accents during non-flight ---Other Attributes: Large, caterpillar-like being with small legs and spinly arms. Stands similar to a Hutt

Weapons Rapid-Pulsed Oxygen-Iodine Laser (RaPOIL) Rifle - - - - Cartridge-fuelled, continuous-beam weapon - - - - Seven pulses a second, fifteen second engage time per canister 11mm WolArm Semi-Auto Bolt Pistol - - - - Sixteen, electrochemically fired, supersonic, shaped durasteel rounds - - - - Magazine-fed, semi-automatic action 30cm Switch-action Vibroblade

Starship ---Name: O’ran Dusk ---Class: ‘Ugly’ (Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/ln Fighter, Vandar Naval Works Ra-115 Interstellar Attack-Bomber cross) ---Hyperdrive Class: Class 4.5 ---Weapons: - - - Twin Electromagnetic, Auto-RailCannon - - - - - Five-hundred, 37mm plasma-encased, Carvanium-alloy, shaped charges - - - Four wing-mounted launch stations (up to three weapons each) - - - - - Six Rx-3 Air-to-Air Command-guided Missiles (Outer Pylons) - - - - - Two Ra-215 Proton-Fusion, Anti-Shipping Missiles (Inner Pylons) - - - One Ec-42 Electronic Warfare Suite (Jamming, Spoofing, Forced-Detonation Capable) ---Shields: Front Particle Shielding ---Sublight Speed: 1200ms/s Acceleration ---Crew: One (Pilot) (one possible passenger) ---Interior Description: Single cockpit with holographic multi-function displays; small service area accessible by the pilot. ---Other Details: The combination of the older stubby-winged Ra-115 Dread Bomber, with the engines and a single sail of the infamous TIE/ln Space Superiority Fighter resulted in the garish contraption that the Wolatarian mercenary pilot, Sage Oss, would dub the O’ran Dusk. The fighter was painted in a broken blue-grey-black colour scheme to break up its appearance against both the sky and the background of space. The older, military grade weapons on the vessel were purchased on the black market and their operational condition is dubious.


Mining Wars. There is nothing more violent in this region of space.

The Sigma Nebula region is home to constant fighting between mining companies, independent ‘grey-market’ prospectors and the Skadi Imperium. There are no allies here, everyone is for themselves and the military has stopped getting involved. Step on someone’s turf, and you’ll be a freeze-dried corpse.

It’s chaos out here, but good business for a mercenary like me. I’m Sage Oss, and this is the third patrol I’ve been on this week that has led to an engagement. Independent Gas Miner Vessel Alack-Cin put out a distress call twenty minutes ago, we’re just now arriving. She floats seventy klicks from myself and the two X’zar Security Corp fighters I’m flying with; and she is a wreck. The attacking ships have their Auto Identification Beacons, or AIBs, off, yet my sensors tentatively ID them as Skadi Rogues; a group of bandits that may, or may not have links to the legitimate Skadi Queendom. The engines flare on our craft and we begin a quick ingress to the target area. The Mining Vessel is dead, but we can at least put these pirates in their place. Plus, there is an eight thousand credit bounty per head for these pirates.

I was never a bad kid, raised in a peace-loving Freeworld home on Or’rac. Joined the Defence Force against my parent’s will and was in for three years; got kicked out for some weapons peddling osik that I really wasn’t that involved with. Didn’t matter, still knew how to fly, and security contractors aren’t picky. Did a couple years around the border worlds with the Bro’can House with X’zar, before going independent; if I stayed with them much longer, I’m pretty sure I would have shot my boss in his frackin’ face. Still run with them, but I have my own ship now and work as a subcontractor. Being the boss rocks; I just wish I had a secretary to keep track of my bills for me.

Anyways, you’ll know enough about me later, right now I’ve got a couple pirates to space.

We’re less than fifty klicks out when the pirates begin to react. There is a corvette that was picking the mining vessel apart, and it begins to slowly turn away; likely spinning up the hyperdrive for a quick escape. Four older Ice Demon fighters break towards us and move towards the merge, as the mother ship provides jamming.

Space combat happens in the blink of an eye. You pass your foe moving thousands of meters a second, and only the audio-tone from the computer tells you when to fire. There’s a blaze of guns, flames and you close your eyes, opening them a second later to discover whether you are alive or not. Your craft rotates, engines flare and everything in the ship screeches as the force of deceleration and acceleration throws you in a new direction. Lock the target. Paint the target. Engage the target. Kill the target. Repeat.

I hit the first Ice Demon with a short burst of cannon fire, and break to avoid the debris cloud as it passes me at seven kilometres a second. A fleck of paint at these speeds can crack transpisteel. The molten remains of a hyperdrive core can ruin a bit more than your paint job.

“Hots One!” I say, using a military term over the comm, as I release a missile. The ship’s computer guides the streaking silvery dart towards its target, while I scan for the next target. I’m already redirecting my craft when the computer registers a hit on the bandit. No kill confirmation, though. The first fighter is struggling away and sensors indicate the hyperdrive is warming up.

“Confirmed kill on bandit, Zayin-Two.” The X’zar flight lead calls out. I redirect my fighter towards the limping Ice Demon. I close in on him at three thousand meters a second and open fire with the cannons again. A spray of molten metal against the blue-blackness of the nebula and the fighter’s core explodes as I pass him by only a few hundred meters.

“Bandits are fleeing, bandits are fleeing!” The flight lead calls again and I watch the remaining three vessels vanish off my screen into hyperspace.

Four hours later we’re back at the station near the edge of the nebula. The X’zar pilots are goading me over taking the only two kills of the patrol as we head up the lift to the station’s bar section.

Over a dozen drinks later and I’m passed out in my hotel suite I’m renting. If I had stopped midway through, I might have woken up with female company, but now I’m just glad I made it back to my suite.

The next morning I’m grudgingly forcing myself to check my HoloNet messages. Mostly junk, but there is an encrypted note from one of my agents in the outer rim; he’s got an offer for me. Some merc group in the midrim is hiring pilots. Pay looks decent, better than X’zar has been; and if I can make enough and scrap the junk heap I’m flying, I could start to get some good jobs back here.

If the details pan out, this might be the break I need.


Date Joined: 11/29/2011

Aurora Cradmoon Gender: Female Age: 23 Species: Human Homeworld: Silverra (ex. below) Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Personality: Witty, strong willed, loud, slow to open up Appearance [3] Weapons: Two Blasters Starship: None, as of yet The Force ---Sensitivity: Yes Biography

Aurora was raised in what was called a normal family on Silverra. The planet laid in the Outer Rim, hidden behind other larger planets. That was the only thing that shielded it from some of the grievances other planets faced in the rough times of the galaxy. On Silverra, Aurora lived in one of the main cities of the world. Her father was a trader and was rather good at what he did. When she was about seven, though, he made a bad trade. Dealt with the wrong people. He was murdered a couple of days later. Aurora’s mother was forced to take two jobs to support both Aurora and her older sisters. Things seemed to straighten out in her life over a period of a few years. Until the whole world was crippled with a deadly virus. Aurora’s sisters were some of the first victims and passed away in their sleep.

Her mother, feeble and weak from the same disease, relied on Aurora to take care of her. Eventually she died too. Aurora moved to one of the bigger cities, becoming a bigger part in the world. She forgot that part of her life and started anew. She even found the love of her life. Her life was perfect. Until the Empire took control of the galaxy. They enforced new laws on the medical centers which forced people entering the facility to take special tests. Aurora tested positive. She was allowed inside, but a few days later, a trio of Imperial officers arrived at her door. As they busted down her door and attacked her, she found herself using a new power to stop all of them. She had heard about it on her holo-television. The Force. She escaped and hurried to her fiancé.

After she explained everything to him, he revealed that he was an Imperial spy. After a vicious battle that she barely escaped from, she was forced to flee the city. Then she realized she had nowhere to turn on the planet. She loaded the next freighter and just left the world. She traveled the galaxy for several years. She went through many different stages trying to find herself. At one point in time, she even contemplated suicide, but that passed. She learned of a Rebel Alliance being created, along with a group getting more and more attention. The Mercs. She decided she might as well check this out.


Date Joined: 12/09/2011

Name: Tali Tarpals Gender: Female Age: 20 Species: Gungan Homeworld: Naboo Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Personality: Serious and focused when a task is in front of her, Tali can also be cheerful and humorous when among friends. She has worked hard to eradicate her Gungan accent, but it tends to surface when she is agitated or overly happy. Appearance [4] Weapons: S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol with liquid-cable shooter attachment, Gungan personal energy shield mark II (same as the original but is mounted to and can be retracted to the soldier's bracer. Capable of deflecting light physical attacks and blaster fire). Starship: G-1 Starfighter (Astromech included R2-Q8 "Dash") [5] The Force ---Sensitivity: No Biography: Tali Tarpals grew up listening to the exploits of her grandfather General Roos Tarpals. Enraptured by these stories she decided to honor her grandfather's memory by dedicating her life to justice. When she came of age she left Otoh Gunga and joined the Naboo Royal Security Forces. She worked hard in the NRSF and achieved the rank of Lieutenant. She showed a native talent in recreational starfighter simulators and was given permission to train on the real thing. This was an unusual occurance as there had never been a Gungan in the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corpes before. When she graduated training the Boss of Otoh Gunga himself held her up as a role model for all Gungan children. Because of her achievements she was presented with a personal fighter, a G-1 Starfighter; a vessel that had been created through a joint venture between Gungan BullbaBong and the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps, it resembled an N-1 Starfighter but was faster, with stronger shields and better weapons. The hyperdrive was a bit limited and only rated a Class 4. It was also painted a deep forest green.

On a patrol, Tali and her wingmate Selia happened upon a ship as it entered the system. The ship, an old passenger liner, had a group of refugees from Narg. They had fled after the Imperials invaded and took the planet over. Tali performed a fly by as Selia communicated with command, she could see the faces of the displaced people as she flew by. She even waved jauntily at a small child that gawked at her starfighter from the observation deck.

That was when the Imperials showed up.

The Bulk Cruiser came out of hyperspace on the same trajectory as the refugees, and Tali knew they had been following the passenger liner. The Imperials hailed the Naboo fighters, informing them that the refugee ship was harboring Rebel agents intent on detonating a "Dirty Bomb" on Naboo.

The Cruiser proceeded to launch its TIEs, six of the craft, and close withing weapons range of the liner. Tali, being order by both the Imperials and NRSFC Command, couldn't just watch as the Empire destroyed helpless people. Perhaps there were Rebel Agents on board, but there were better ways to deal with them then killing innocents.

Tali and Selia, the Nabooian pilot insisted she stay with her Lieutenant, set up for runs on the TIE Starfighters. Three TIEs broke off the attack run on the passenger liner to deal with the Nabooian patrol. On the first pass Tali nailed one of the TIEs with a linked shot that hulled the fighter through the cockpit. The shot missed the engines, but weakened its mounts. The twin ion engines of the TIE ripped through the starfighter's cockpit and careened out into space before detonating.

The two pilots came out of the head to head with Tali up one kill and Selia with a one graze. The TIEs quickly came around on their tails and opened up. The Naboo pilots jinked and jigged avoiding enemy fighter as they reached the passenger ship. The TIEs that were strafing it must have been green for they never saw the Naboo fighters untill they were smoking slag under their lasers.

One of the TIEs on their tails scored a hit on Selia's fighter that penetrated her shields. The N-1 Starfighter's port engine flamed and died. Selia was sent spinning into space. She desperately tried to regain control, and after a few seconds she succeeded in stopping the spin... in time to catch a laser blast from the TIE, straight into the cockpit. The transparasteel blew out and Tali knew that her friend was gone.

The remaining two TIEs broke off and returned to the Cruiser. Tali thought they were retreating until the big ship opened up with its turbolasers and destroyed the passenger liner. The Imperials then jumped to lightspeed, their contempt for her evident. NRSFC Command was on her comm ordering her to return to base. Doubtless to face Imperial charges. It was easy for Tali to make up her mind. She had no family left on Naboo, and her conscience could not stand to abide by Imperial law any more. She had her astromech, Dash, calculate a series of jumps that would get her to Commenor, there had been some anti-Imperial demonstrations there. Hopefully she could hook up with the Rebellion.

Three weeks later she was on her way to her first assignment. The Mercs were in need of pilots and she was being sent to bolster them.


Date Joined: 12/16/2011

[6] Name: Sydney Ayres Gender: Male Age: 54 Species: Human Homeworld: Druckenwell Affiliation: Neutral Appearance ---Skin Color: White ---Hair Color: Gray hair and beard, shaggy and disheveled hair. ---Eye Color: Green ---Clothing: Dark green work coveralls, often stained with grease, black work boots with durasteel toe, black bandanna wrapped around head to keep sweat out of his eyes. ---Other Attributes: Laid back personality but loves machines of all kinds. Often refers to craft as his ‘children’. Weapons: Blastech Mark V Carbine ---Personal History:

The corporate world of Druckenwell has a way of swallowing up a person at a tender young age and making them conform to the accepted standards of society. Funneled down focused career paths, it is often very difficult for anyone with a more creative vision for their future to break free of the social and economic restraints of their station and chart their own destiny.

Sydney Ayres did just that.

Born into a family that expected their children to find well paying, white-collar employment, Sydney Ayres rebelled against his family’s expectations and headed off world upon reaching the acceptable age of an adult and entered into a trade school on Rothana. Always loving to work with his hands, Ayres excelled in school where he learned the trade of a machinist and upon completion of the program found employment with Rothana Heavy Engineering.

Decades passed and Sydney Ayres rose up the ranks of the blue collar ladder at Rothana Heavy Engineering, occasionally butting heads with senior management over his methodical, precise, yet laid back work ethic. This work ethic was often at odds with the upper echelon employees at Rothana Heavy Engineering and the only thing preventing Ayres from being fired from his job was his dedication in meeting deadlines set forth by the company and his creative vision for the future, a future that looked incredibly grim as the Clone Wars loomed.

Sydney Ayres was one of many people involved in the fabrication of several pivotal war machines to be churned out by Rothana Heavy Engineering during the Clone Wars. From drawing board to assembly line to field tests, Ayres was there every step of the way. With proud eyes, Sydney watched what he lovingly called his ‘children’ develop and mature passing test after test before their final day at the factory. When the vehicles of war had passed all of their tests and were being piloted to their new homes, Ayres was oftentimes filled with the sadness of a parent watching their child take their first steps beyond the threshold of the home into the real world, college bound or simply moving away.

The conclusion of the Clone Wars saw massive cuts at Rothana Heavy Engineering and Sydney Ayres lost his job. In the ensuing years, Ayres wandered from mechanic shop to mechanic shop, angry and bitter at the corporate world for terminating him just when he was on the cusp of securing sizeable benefits. Never quite at home in the world of small business, Ayres grew increasingly isolated in his later years, often times wasting his time in dive bars throughout the galaxy, reminiscing about his glory days with the company.

The rise of the Galactic Empire and their subsequent use of several vessels of Rothana Heavy Engineering origin, vessels that Ayres had once proudly called his own, sent the older machinist into a frenzy. Putting aside his alcoholic tendencies, Ayres resolved that if the Empire was going to use his ideas, his blood, sweat, and tears without providing compensation for his services, then they were going to pay.

Pay with their lives.


Date Joined: 12/16/2011

Alias: Zieleb-Xan “Mac” Macja Gender: Male Age: 122 (looks like a 12 year old, tells everyone he is 18) Species: Erphae Homeworld: Vernet Affiliation: Personality ---Traits: Josch is a playful soul. He is always quick to strike up a conversation, especially with a female. He has been labeled as a trickster, but he doesn’t agree with that assessment. Due to his longevity, time is not a concern for him. ---Likes: Music, berries, a good joke, and the smile of a beautiful lady. ---Dislikes: Silence, tough meat, Bothans and Battle-droids ---Habits: Doesn’t like to sit in one place for too long. If he is sitting still, he is usually playing the Deej Pipe that his Ewok friend, Logray, gave to him when he lived on Endor. When meditating he must have the sounds of nature in the background so that he can concentrate. Appearance [7] ---Skin Color: Lightly tanned ---Hair Color: Dirty blonde, collar length, with long bangs ---Eye Color: Deep, piercing blue ---Clothing: Matching tan shirt and pants, with a dark green tunic adorned with elaborate stitch work. Matching brown nerf-hide boots and gloves. ---Other Attributes: He has longevity with retained youthfulness. His appearance is that of someone 1/10th of his chronological age. His body is synced to a 48 hour day and allows him stay up longer if needed. ---Other Details: Can jump, without using the Force, an extra-ordinary height and has extremely good balance. However he is not able to lift heavy weights, and cannot run for long distances or over long periods of time, without being aided by the Force. His pointed ears are able to hear slightly better than the average human. Weapons: Energy Bow Starship (Starfighter only---can’t be an X-Wing yet) ---Name: Arrow of Light ---Class: G1-M4-C Dunelizard Fighter ---Hyperdrive Class: 2 ---Weapon(s): Double medium laser cannons ---Shields: Equipped ---Sublight Speed: 950 km/h (atmosphere) ---Crew: Pilot (1), Astromech droid: R2-N6 “Navi” ---Passenger(s): 1 ---Max Cargo (kg): 110 ---Interior Description: ---Other Details: 2 weeks of consumables The Force ---Sensitivity: Yes ---Religion: ---Lightsaber


Blade(s): Standard x1, Short x1

Color(s): Blue, Green

Handle Description(s): [8] [9] ---Force Abilities: Animal friendship ---Force Weakness: Ionize ---Other Force Object(s): Biography ---Personal History: The only thing that Josch knew about his biological parents was that his father was a warrior and his mother was a member of the Royal Court in Maz-Verlin on Vernet. His parents left him in the care of Scath Foumi, the protector of the Royal Family. Scath had once been a Jedi Knight in the days of the Republic, but left the Order because of several of the council’s rules that he did not agree with. Scath returned to Vernet to reassume the role of royal protector. Josch’s parents knew of the political unrest on Vernet and did not want their son to become a victim. So they gave him to Scath who sensed his connection to the Force. As Josch grew up under the watchful eye of Scath, who encouraged his free spirited nature, he was allowed to follow his own destiny. Josch spent most of his time as any other youth would on Vernet. He learned the arts of farming, hunting, and wilderness survival. Since Scath spent most of his time in the court, where Josch’s parents did not want their son, Josch was taught by the different clansmen from the Clans of the Four Trees. Essentially Josch did not have parents; he had a group of mentors that he learned under. Scath took him to Kashyyyk, there he was taught basic techniques in the Force, including how to sense if someone was steeped in the dark side. Scath knew that this would keep Josch safe from being influenced by the ease and seductiveness of that path. Josch learned to understand Shryiiwook from living among the Wookiees for many years. When the Clone Wars found its way to the Wookiee's homeworld, Scath moved Josch to the otherside of the planet away from the battle. When Order 66 was issued, Josch witnessed the effect of the simultaneous executions on Scath. They ended up going to live on the forest floor amongst the wild flora and fauna. Scath realized that he needed to get back to Vernet to protect the Royal House. He also realized that if he brought Josch with him he increased his risk of being discovered by the Empire. So instead he left him in the care of a Jedi, Kento Marek, which was in hiding on the planet with his wife and small son. Unfortunately Josch never saw his father again. The Jedi there taught him the delicate art of fighting with lightsabers. He fashioned the hilts of his sabers utilizing a fallen branch of one of the Great Trees. His teacher used the ferocious forest floor as a rite of passage for Josch. But his time on Kashyyyk was coming to a close. The Empire, that Scath had hoped to protect Josch from by leaving him there, had discovered Kento and was on a mission to execute him. Josch felt the dark disturbance in the Force and once again hid on the forest floor. He eventually left his Wookiee friends when a trader was leaving for off world. He used his new found freedom to travel the galaxy and visit worlds like the Hapan Cluster, Naboo, Hutt Space, and Tatooine, where he purchased the Arrow of Light. The end of his journey landed him on the forest moon of Endor. The trees reminded him of his birthworld so he befriended an Ewok named Logray. Josch felt a kinship with the taller than normal sentient because of Lograys slight Force sensitivity. The other Ewoks of the Bright Tree Village thought that Josch was a demigod sent to watch over them. This new found popularity was only a game to Josch, feeding into his joking personality. While living there he also befriended an Endorian Ferret that he named Fidget, because the creature could not sit still. He was once again forced to leave his home by the dark side. When the Empire was searching for a location to finish their second Death Star, Josch was told by his Ewok friends of a scouting crew that was poking around the moon. Josch knew he would have to leave Endor, or risk being discovered. Before the Empire started landing troops around his home, Josch snuck out of the system in his Dunelizard fighter.

---Military History: None ---Traumatic Experiences: Feeling abandoned by his parents and his adopted father. He has been chased away from his birthright by a murderous relative who may still be hunting him. He is constantly on the run from the Empire who is hunting force sensitives and murdered his mentor.


Date Joined: 02/18/2012

Name: Commander Alexandra “Alex” Tachi Gender: Female Age: late 20s – mid 30s Species: Human Homeworld: Coruscant Affiliation: Imperial, possible Firebird Society Member (see history)

Personality ---Traits: Cold, calculating, and efficient. Commander Tachi is very competent, task driven, caring first for the mission. However, she also takes pride in not losing squadmates. She is a no nonsense fighter pilot who’s seen her share of battles. Speech and mannerisms reveal advanced military training, though behavior suggests a dislike for that rigidity. ---Likes: Wearing hair down against Imperial regulation, proving herself right. ---Dislikes: Misogyny, ineptitude, failure ---Habits: Eyebrow tic when annoyed, general disdain to those she finds “inferior”.

Appearance ---Skin Color: Light ---Hair Color: Dark Auburn ---Eye Color: Hazel ---Clothing: Sealed flight suit with helmet (ship has no life support) with face mask. Flight suit is form fitting leaving little doubt to her gender. Also wears standard Imperial uniform, black colored to indicate officer rank in the Imperial Starfighter Corps. Noted for wearing a custom command rank cylinder in electrum rather than the usual silver color. ---Other Attributes: Shorter than most, barely reaching 1.6 meters. Flight suit adds a little, but not much. ---Other Details:

Starship (Starfighter only---can’t be an X-Wing yet) ---Name: Raven 1 (or Raven Leader) ---Class: Alpha-3 Nimbus-Class V-Wing Starfighter (heavily modified) ---Hyperdrive Class: Class 1 ---Weapon(s): Twin Laser Cannons, Modified Twin Flak Guns ---Shields: Equipped ---Sublight Speed: 75 MGLT. 50,000 km/h atmospheric ---Crew: Pilot and Q7-Series Astromech ---Passenger(s): 0 ---Max Cargo (kg): 60 kg ---Interior Description: Standard flight cockpit ---Other Details: V-Wing model modified by Raven Squadron to include standalone hyperdrive and enhanced shielding. Further off-market modifications include: Enhanced variable wing geometry – Wings no longer just up and down but extend out and back. Added airfoil and maneuvering thrusters for atmospheric operations. Modified life support package to link with unique flight suit for extended range. Custom stealth black paint obscures ship from sensors and visual (in space – in atmo it’s rather obvious)

Biography ---Personal / Military History: Born into a proud military family, there was no doubt that she would be sent off to the local Imperial Military Academy like her two older brothers. Top of her class in grade school, she worked hard to keep the family tradition, joining the Imperial Naval Academy immediately after earning her diploma. Originally desiring an officer position in the Navy, she earned double degrees in engineering and fleet tactics. However, the Emperor’s increasing misogyny led to her being assigned a rudimentary clerical position on a destroyer in the Inner Rim, far away from any conflicts. Still, she took pride in her job and excelled.

The loss of her brothers during the Battle of Kamino (12 BBY) only cemented her resolve to uphold the legacy of the Tachi family as career military. She reached the rank of Lieutenant quickly but grew frustrated with her position. She took extra courses after her first tour, earning her pilot’s certification and switching to the Starfighter Corps. Despite her skills, no commanding officer would put her in active flight status, always keeping her as a reserve pilot. Her solution was to command a shuttle and act as field relief for her squadron, rescuing downed pilots. While beneficial, her superiors disagreed with this (against the mentality of TIEs as expendable) and reassigned her to Raven Squadron, a low squadron that didn’t see much action. Raven squadron got the worst gear, the worst support, the worst missions, but she was flying as an active member.

One particular escort mission turned south for Raven Squadron as a minor pirate faction ambushed the freighter from an asteroid field. Despite coming up with the strategy to defeat the pirates and saving her fellow pilots and the freighter, she lost her squadron commander after he intercepted a torpedo with his fighter to save her life. This mission earned her the Medal of Valor and a promotion to Lt. Commander. However, she was not given the position of squadron leader; that went to a much less experienced officer. After this disappointment, she was contacted by a friend in the Firebird Society which she had joined while at the Academy.

The specifics of how her promotion to Commander and assignment as Raven Squadron’s leader are unknown, but once she was in the position she quickly shaped Raven Squadron into a superior fighting force. Using her tactics and knowhow she helps upgrade the ailing V-Wings assigned to the squadron, enhancing their long-range and atmospheric capabilities. She realized the standard TIE Fighter was no match for enemy fighters such as the new Incom T-65 X-Wing, so Raven V-Wings were upgraded to have shields, long-range hyperdrives, and custom atmospheric wing geometry; her V-Wings could outperform any starfighter in maneuverability while in atmosphere. She also slowly replaced Raven Squadron members with capable female pilots, eventually becoming the only all-female fighter squadron in the Empire.

Current Rank: Commander, Starfighter Corps, Raven Squadron Leader Awards: Palpatine Cluster Medal of Valor Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry (twice) Imperial Medallion of Service

---Traumatic Experiences: See history above.

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