Combat Battalions (CB) are the Federal Army's solution to equipping Glory-class Destroyers with a well equipped and well supplied combat-ready force. Combat Battalions are expected to handle themselves in reasonable combat circumstances and provide a military-ready presence to trouble spots around the galaxy. Combat Battalions are lead by a Lieutenant Colonel; the command of CBs is considered a stepping-stone to a full-fledged Infantry Regiment and hence promotion to Colonel.

CBs will often times work with Ground Force Teams to supplement their force numbers, as well as with Marines and Marine Special Action Force units. In addition, CBs are completely mobile, combining the strength of a Infantry Battalion with the strength of an Armor Battalion and meshing the two together; because of CB's mobility, they provide the Lieutenant Colonel with a wide range of options to handle a wide range of circumstances.

Combat Battalions are considered the Army's largest Mobile Force; CBs will act as Command and Control Posts for all smaller units attached to it's field of operations.

Disposition (standardized)

Total Personnel: 1,342

  • Command: 21
  • Infantry: 456 Infantry Corps soldiers
  • Armor & Vehicles: 408
    • 225 TAU Personnel
    • 84 DA-APC Personnel
    • 12 Command Section Personnel
    • 87 soldiers
  • Artillery Personnel: 304
    • 192 Artillery Crew
    • 64 Drivers / Support Crew
    • 48 Security Team Marines
  • Support / Logistical Personnel: 153
    • 21 mechanics (6 per TAU)
    • 148 Drivers & Laborers

Total Vehicles: 215

Total Structures: 3

Command Section Disposition

  • Command: 21 personnel
    • Command Section: 7
      • Lieutenant Colonel (Commanding Officer)
      • Major (Executive Officer)
      • Captain (Intelligence Officer)
        • 1 Sergeant Major
        • 1 Staff Sergeant
        • 1 Sergeant
      • First Lieutenant (Communications Officer)
        • 1 First Sergeant
        • 1 Staff Sergeant
        • 1 Sergeant
      • Second Lieutenant (Logistics Officer)
        • 1 Master Sergeant
        • 1 Staff Sergeant
        • 1 Sergeant
      • Warrant Officer (Supply Officer)
        • 1 Sergeant First Class
        • 1 Sergeant
        • 1 Corporal
      • Staff Sergeant (Orderly)
        • 1 Corporal
        • 1 Lance Corporal

Infantry Section Disposition

  • Infantry: 456 Infantry Corps soldiers
    • 6 Companies
      • 76 men per company including Officers

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