The Front Line Defense Forces is a heavily fortified line of defenses composing of hundreds of thousands of Infantry, garrison bases, planetary defenses, military space stations, automated unmanned defense turrets, military defense satellites, missile defenses, mine fields, and Kingdom's Navy patrols.

The Front Line Defense Forces is the primary first-line of defense for keeping the Beasts back from Kingdom of Jod space from their home planet of Arrado. The defensive fortifications encompass a rough line of defenses that includes several massive asteroid belts, dwarf planets, natural satellites, and planets in a string of dead, dying, or otherwise unremarkable solar systems. Several of these solar systems have been added to by the Jod with other natural satellites over the years. The defensive line is massive, stretching from the Western extreme of Jod space all the way to the Eastern extreme of Jod space. The Fortified World of Vaska 3 is technically the command and control center for the entire defensive line and it's primary support and logistical center.

The Front Line Defense Forces are directly supplied with both personnel and equipment from the Army Garrison Division, while the Naval Defensive Fleets provides navy personnel in support roles as well as the in-system patrol craft, shuttles, and other corvette or smaller vessels for light defense, patrol, and transportation. Both Shadow and Spider Commands provide the active naval defense, including combat patrols, naval support, and ship-to-ship combat capabilities. Roughly 30% of the over all naval strength of both Shadow and Spider Commands supports the Front Line Defense Forces.

The most heavily contested part of the Front Line Defense Forces---known as the Meat Grinder by the Infantry---lays in front of Vask 3 along the Defense Line. Here, combat against Death Spheres and landing Beast forces is almost weekly. Casualty rates are high, replacement troops are frequent.