• Echoes; the shortened name for the second game, Intervention: Echoes in Eternity.
  • In-Character (IC); the word is widely used throughout various gaming genres to define a player role playing his or her character or being "In-Character". Once In-Character, a player is restricted to his or her character's knowledge and abilities as defined by their Character Sheet and in-game experience, generally reflecting the notion that the player cannot include OOC or "Out of Character" / OOG or "Out of Game" knowledge from outside the game to influence his or her character's actions.
  • Intervention; the abbreviation to describe all In-Character and Out-of-Character Game, Social, and Library Threads as related to the Intervention Series. The term Intervention was also used as the general shortened name for the first game, Star Wars: Intervention.
  • Intervention Wiki; the shortened name for the Rocketjock Eatery: InterventionRPG Wiki.
  • Out-of-Character (OOC); generally understood as the opposite of In-Character knowledge, OOC means a player is out of or not playing as his or her character and is acting as their real life self. OOC is assumed when a player is not posting In-Character (i.e. social threads, etc) and OOC knowledge is generally accepted in most gaming genres as not being able to influence IC activities within the game.
  • Out-of-Game (OOG); another way of saying Out-of-Character (OOC) and is thus considered interchangeable.
  • Temp Boards; the shortened name for the first game's continuation over to the Temporary Boards used by TFN's Jedi Council Boards during "The Move". It is also reflective of the game time periods itself, as found here: Intervention (In-Character Game Thread; Temp Location).
  • The Rocket; the shortened name for the Social Thread, the Rocketjock Eatery.

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