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Intervention is the general term used for a RPG (Role Playing Game) hosted on TheForce.Net's Jedi Council Forums’ Role Playing Forums (Star Wars).

Intervention is based in George Lucas' "Star Wars" galaxy, currently in the OT (Original Trilogy, Episodes 4,5, & 6) and focuses on a group of mercenary starfighter pilots who finds themselves in the midst of the age old battle between good and evil, set to the backdrop of the Galactic Civil War.

Intervention consists of one current game thread and three affiliated threads. All game related links can be found to the right. The main purpose of this thread is to act as a "Library Thread" and list all applicable information that both players and staff can find useful for In-Character (IC) role playing of the game.

If you need any help, or wish to discuss this wiki in general, visit the Forums and choose whichever forum meets your needs.

"The Story" (A Brief overview of 2 1/2 years of game play)

Intervention is based several months before ANH (Star Wars: A New Hope), where a mercenary group known as "The Mercs" has been contracted out the peaceful government, the Republic of Watava, to defend them against a upcoming war against their arch enemy, the militaristic Country of Lim. It's been three months of boredom for the Mercs.

Hours prior to the eruption of war between the two nations, two of the Mercs stumble across a ancient wreck of a starfighter. Fifty yards away, one of the Mercs stumbles into a pit and discovers a skeleton with a red stone in his flight jacket.

Soon thereafter, the war between the Republic of Watava and the Country of Lim begins as the two Mercs trek their way back to Watava's Headquarters Base. Little do the two Mercs know, they've stumbled across a mythical piece of rock that is rumored to give unlimited energy and healing abilities.

Intervention moves forward past the battle between Watava and Lim into a interstellar cat and mouse between the Mercs and the Empire's top secret, Royal Red Task Force; a task force specifically commissioned by Emperor Palpatine himself over a year prior to chase down all Red Rock sources and fragments in the known galaxy for a secret Imperial project. Through such missions and battles (not all listed) as The Debris Field, Events at Asteroid One, Desert Planet 22-52A, Imperial Convoy , and the Rebel Cruiser', the true extent and depth of the Red Rock to the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and other "mysterious" forces and personal agendas (like that of Darth Vader's) becomes clear.

After allying with the Rebel Alliance and mythical Kingdom of Jod, the Mercs move to prevent the Empire's acquisition of the final piece of Red Rock to bring their evil plans to life.

Faith Statement


Intervention: Allegiance (COMING SOON!!!), STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players!, and their affiliated threads (listed earlier) are founded on the basis and principles of The Holy Bible and the practices and theology found within Christian theology related to The Holy Bible.

As a game, Intervention DOES NOT force, convince, threaten, pressure, bribe, sell, or in any other way take away the freedom of an individual to make their own religious or non-religious choices. As a game, Intervention is dedicated to providing a safe, friendly, and welcoming role playing environment to all who play and or read the game's posts, without infringing upon a individual's rights to choose or not choose a religious, political, or cultural stance.

While Intervention's storyline and various plots may support, make references to, and follow The Holy Bible and Christian theology, no player or staff member in Intervention is required to, convinced to agree to, have to support, or endorse The Holy Bible and or Christian theology.

Game Threads

Moving Forward

Intervention's game thread (listed above) has been operational since June, 11th, 2009. Being one of the longest running RPG's on, Intervention has created a steady player base for over 2 1/2 years. Although not always the highest game in the rankings, Intervention has seen a most constant flow of players and activity since, roughly, April 2010.

A sequel game is planned, Intervention: Allegiance, once our current game thread ends. The current game thread is in the "end game" mode, but still, the end game may take several months yet to complete due to variuous storylines and other obligations of the various players involved in the game.


"Intervention" and all game threads (listed above) are subject to the Rules of the Jedi Council Forums and the Terms of Service of the same. Furthermore, "Intervention" and all game threads (listed above) recognize thatStar Wars is the creation and copyright of Geroge Lucas (Lucasfilm, Ltd) and we, as "Intervention," understand that all of our work in George Lucas' "Star Wars" galaxy as a fan-based Role Playing Game is subject to any and all freedoms and restrictions that George Lucas and or Lucasfilm, Ltd so chooses to put on us.

Lastly, understanding that we, "Intervention," operate under the good graces of George Lucas and or Lucasfilm, Ltd in the "Star Wars" galaxy, do so with knowledge that any copying or references to any "Star Wars" material is under "Fair Use". Furthermore, "Intervention" players and staff are implored to make references and give credit to any and all creations not their own that they incorporate from outside sources into the game threads.

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