"The Mercs Symbol". Created by CPL_Macja on's Role Playing Forum.

Natalie Cunnings

Name: Natalie Cunnings (Non-Player Character; NPC)

Callsign: N/A

Rank: Nurse

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Skin Color: Light

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Blond

Body: Average

Height: 5'6 (feet, inches)

Weight: 120lbs

Affilation: Mercs

Status: Active Duty

Personnel Review:

Author: Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook

Native to Alderan and graduate of Aldera Universal Medcenter at 22 years of age, specializing in trauma surgery. Been a mercenary nurse for two years under the Mercs. Served at one of the big hospitals on Coruscant for four years before her application was accepted to go back and work at Aldera Universal Medcenter, which was her dream job, on Alderan.

The [http:// Imperial Surgical Corps] needed nurses so the Imperial War Machine could keep running, and when Natalie turned down the "offer" from the Imperial recruiter, she was drafted. Already having a dislike for the Galactic Empire and not wanting to serve the "very monster that drove fear into people's hearts everyday," she ran. When the Empire heard of her actions, they arrested her parents and her boyfriend (hopeful husband one day). Although her boyfriend was released, he turned his back on her, citing she had "dishonored" him when she ran from Imperial service. Her parents were tried as "Rebel spies," which I tend to agree with Natalie that they weren't, and were thrown into Imperial prision.

Although the thought crossed her mind, Natalie told me, to turn herself in to free her parents from prison, her father refused it, saying that he had been proud of her for not serving the Empire. When the Rebel Alliance heard of Natalie's circumstances. they offered to help by communicating back and forth between her and her parents. Natalie would soon join the Rebels' fight against the Empire, but before she could join their ranks, her transport back on Coruscant for new Rebel recruits blew apart. She found passage off of Coruscant by a smuggler and she headed to [http:// Port Haven]. Instead of running into the Rebel Alliance, she ran into The Mercs instead. The rest is history.

Natalie was one of my few supporters when I first came aboard with the Mercs. My personal feelings of thankfulness towards her aside, she is a well-rounded nurse. Smart, quick, and has a student's heart when it comes to nursing. Although her experience is medium, her desire to learn and her deep space postings with the Mercs have balanced her out. You can trust her that if she doesn't know the answer off hand, she'll find it. She's one of two of my nurses left and runs the day shifts.

Updated: N/A

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