[Updated 10-07-2014]


  • The Intervention Series asks that you role play any and all In-Character or Non-Player Characters under your direct or temporary control to the best of your ability; this includes posting realistic character actions, movements, injuries, and or deaths to other player controlled In-Character or Non-Player Characters' actions; and that any and al information your character should or should not have based on experience gained in game, character sheets, in-game development, and othe character and game factors.

Starships, vehicles, and or vessels

  • The Intervention Series asks that you role play, modify, and (or) build any starhips, vehicles, and (or) vessels realistically, meaning that you obey realistic role playing movements against you by another player and that your mode of transportation thus mentioned above is equal to any known Star Wars canon-approved data, stats, and (or) information. References (work cited; aka web links) must be listed to reference ship data, stats, and (or) information.

Other Game Situations