Sub-class of the Super Leviathan-class Heavy Lift Transport.


Crew (3)

  • Flight Lieutenant; Pilot
  • Flying Officer; Co-Pilot
  • Staff Sergeant; Crew Chief (hold manager; security)


  • None

Passengers (14)


  • Highly classified fuel system
  • 3 Console Work Stations (for Assistants)
  • 1 small "living room" with chairs & tables
  • 1 small enclosed (sound-proof) meeting room
  • Equipped with Refresher
  • Equipped with two secured State Rooms (VIPs); complete with ejection pods and hyperdrives
  • Equipped with 3 bunks for Assistants
  • Equipped with 8 bunks for rotating Diplomatic Security Service shifts
  • Equipped with extra rations for up to 168 hours
  • Equipped with 4 regular exterior fuel pods for extended flight (interior wing mount)
  • Equipped with 1 large exterior fuel pod (belly)



Put into service at same time as SL-HLT. Can stay in flight for up to 168 hours (7 days) without refueling.

These older ships are slowly being replaced by more modern Intruder-class Drop Ships with a VIP option kit.

The President of the Terran Federation has three Diplomatic Transports used on a rotation basis of this class, code named DT-One. The Vice President of the Terran Federation also has access to 3 such Diplomatic Transports as well on a rotation basis as well, code named DT-Two. For both DT-One and DT-Two, the Diplomatic Security Service D&A Team has been replaced with the President's Close Protection Detail or PCPD, a division of the larger Federal Security Service or FSS.

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